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AR15 Forums

by PackerfanXD at Dec 17, 2006
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Let's see all of those AR-15s. When I was researching my AR, a lot of you guys were kind enough to show me your rifles. I just though this would be a convenient place to put them all.

by Spikenfritz at May 31, 2005
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Hi folks.

Any of y'all knowledgeable on the IDs marked on the right side of the upper receiver housings for AR15-type rifles? What I'm talking about is the marks found immediately forward of the rear sight assembly for fixed carry handle uppers, or marks found directly above and to the left of the brass deflector on flattops.

Here's what I'm talking about, and sorry for the poor quality of some of the pics (dunno why, but the Forum software blows 'em up to the 400-pixel size--Hawk, can you help?):

White Oak Armament-assembled upper. This has an "A" split in half horizontally halfway through the letter. Anyone know who made this one?

Colt 20" Upper A "C" "M" "B" can be seen:

Colt 16" Flattop: A "C" and merged "A" and "F" can be found.

Anyone have any other additions? Might help folks out when going to the gun shows that are popping up (and might also answer some questions in the "Parts" thread. ;) ).

by MrUREasy at May 21, 2005
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They are just generic Colts, but work OK on small varmints....
by Snake45 at Mar 31, 2005
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Seems like at least once a week someone is asking about AR manufacturers, what's the best, cheapest, etc., and we all answer the questions yet again. Would it be a good idea to start a sticky thread on this subject, where everyone with something to say on the topic could kick in what they know, good and bad?
by 4_Rings at Dec 12, 2004
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Any chance we can make a sticky thread here for posting pic's of our AR's ???? Mike 8)