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by Hawk at Aug 17, 2003
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This is meant in no way to be contrary to anything that anyone has said so far about the M-16. My thoughts are based on thorugh experience with both the M-14 and M-16 rifles. This is also meant to be an objective comparrison of the two based on actual experience.

The M-14....

Obviously the heavier of the two rifles....
Ammunition also heavier to carry....
Accuracy is outstanding.....especially at the 500 yd range..... Malfunctions? Have had none to date......

The M-16....

Obviously the lighter of the two rifles....
Ammunition light enough to carry about 1/3 more rounds at the same weight.
Accuracy is outstanding out to about 200 yds....
Malfunctions....cartridge jam, magazine not locking correctly, and problems with the recoil spring

Have used both in NRA service Rifle Matches. Both were NM configuration. Have used the M-16 more as it is slightly more accurate at 100 yds (7/8" group compared to a 1-1/8 group with the M-14....

My choice if the SHTF weapon would be the M-14 because of it's reliability over the M-16.... although I do like the pistol grip.

So what I've done is come to a comprimise of sorts.....I've built myself a Designated Marksman Rifle utilizing the M-14 with a pistol gripped stock. :D :D :D

Note: This comparrison is not meant to start a flame war as it is my sole choice based on a thorough evaluation of both rifles.... as far as stopping power the only ones that can attest to which has more are our combat veterans who have seen the result first hand. Having not been in combat I can make no judgement.
by SixTGunr at Aug 16, 2003
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Nuff Said!

by SixTGunr at Aug 10, 2003
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I could'nt have said it any better myself and although I respect others decisions to own one of these "things" I for one will simply let it go at that and hope that those will respect mine for they did not see what I did so many many years ago and "nothing" they can improve on these "things" will ever change my mind .....

If it "wasnt broke" (and the M14 was most definately not) then why did they "attempt to fix it" ..... :roll:

Those high mucky-mucks who were not out there with their a$$ hangin' in the breeze that lined their pockets with blood money (Our blood ... not theirs) should be ashamed of themselves .....


I'm thankful to have had my SixT during maximum pucker factors .....

Six Out!
by huntinghawk at Aug 10, 2003
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Don't have one. Don't want one.

by Fernando Coelho at Mar 3, 2003
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Since the previous SHOT Show over a year ago I’ve been awaiting the release of the AR-180 from Armalite. They had them on display at the show and they were supposed to be on their way to the distributors but one delay led to another. All that matters is they are now available.

The April 2003 issue of SWAT magazine has an article by Mike Detty on the “new” AR-180B. What’s new about it? The lower receiver is injection molded, saving about a pound in overall weight. It’s also stronger than the original lower receiver. The only downside is the stock, while resembling the original, does not fold like the original. Oh, and did I mention the AR-180B can use AR-15/M-16 magazines? I like it!