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by John_Dennis at Oct 3, 2020
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Is anyone reloading 300 Blackout Subsonic? What have you found to work well?

There is not a lot of selection for bullets and powder so i am wondering if a 168 grain 308 bullet will work

I do not really want to experiment with light projectile subsonic loads but I am not finding any 220 grain projectiles for asle.

by Mikyll1969 at Aug 3, 2020
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I'm wanting to buy/build my first AR-15, I only have a limited budget, say less than $800 US; there's a little wiggle, but not a lot. Am I better off buying a 'cheap' type full built at 500-600 ish, or trying to part set-up a build?... I don't have anything for gunsmithing experience or tools, I'm leaning toward buying a full-built low-price version... and just upgrading pieces and parts, as I learn more and find what I want better. ... I am VERY open to any advice and ideas.
by zcfd02 at Jun 6, 2020
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Does anyone have experience with the Tipton Compact Range Vise when using an AR? This looks like a MUCH more economic alternative than the "Lead Sled" range vises or clamps that I have already determined don't work and soak up too much ammunition budget.

Even with 10 round mags we still have the problem of the pistol grip sticking down. I do not find any pictures of this with anything other than a bolt action rifle.

If you have found an economic alternative, please share it.
by UroktheSaxon1863 at May 11, 2020
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So I got a new Omni-Hybrid from American Tactical, used it once at the range, it jammed up a lot. I just switched out the buffer and spring with a heavier one, but when trying to put the new one in, the buffer retainer pin would not come back up.

First of all, I guess the buffer tube was turned a hair to the side so that the notch on the front end was digging into the retainer pin. I didnt notice until later. It took a surprising amount of force to push down the retainer in the first place when getting the old buffer out. I thought that was strange but didnt think of it. Now its stuck down in there and wont come out. Im trying with needle nose pliers but it wont budge. Any ideas?
by 2A Supporter at May 7, 2020
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I am currently using a Sight Mark reflex sight and a Sight Mark 3x magnifier. My question is the magnifier sits a good bit back away from the sight. Does anyone make a mount that would allow the magnifier to sit closer to the sight? I’ve been looking at some of the more expensive sight/magnifier combos where the magnifier sits right up to the sight. Thanks ahead of time for any advice and replies.