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by UroktheSaxon1863 at May 11, 2020
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So I got a new Omni-Hybrid from American Tactical, used it once at the range, it jammed up a lot. I just switched out the buffer and spring with a heavier one, but when trying to put the new one in, the buffer retainer pin would not come back up.

First of all, I guess the buffer tube was turned a hair to the side so that the notch on the front end was digging into the retainer pin. I didnt notice until later. It took a surprising amount of force to push down the retainer in the first place when getting the old buffer out. I thought that was strange but didnt think of it. Now its stuck down in there and wont come out. Im trying with needle nose pliers but it wont budge. Any ideas?
by 2A Supporter at May 7, 2020
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I am currently using a Sight Mark reflex sight and a Sight Mark 3x magnifier. My question is the magnifier sits a good bit back away from the sight. Does anyone make a mount that would allow the magnifier to sit closer to the sight? I’ve been looking at some of the more expensive sight/magnifier combos where the magnifier sits right up to the sight. Thanks ahead of time for any advice and replies.
by electrical_gun_guy at Apr 26, 2020
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Hey follow 2nd amendment friends,

I recently bought a Freedom Ordinance FX9 pistol carbine with the 8'' barrel.

Im not to thrilled about the upper, i mean the free float rail & barrel i wanted to keep but the the housing for the bolt carrier i prefer to change out something with a dust cover,

i found a CMMG AR9 stripped upper with a dust cover. The guy are the gun store said that not all AR9 uppers aren't compatible with each other, not sure if that is all true. he took a CMMG banshee upper chambered in 5.7 & tried to put it assemble it on the FX9 lower. I thought that was odd considering the 5.7 upper was longer then the 9mm upper.
anyways ill get to my point. Does anyone know if a CMMG AR9 upper is compatible with my FX9 lower & will the barrel assemble work with the CMMG upper as well?

CMMG AR9 Upper dimensions
Width:3.00 (in)
Height:3.00 (in)
Depth:10.00 (in
by benelli7d at Apr 20, 2020
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Hi guys, Do any of you remember back in the day when no one could get M16 bolt carriers and companies started making little extensions to lengthen the 15 bolt carrier to act like a 16 carrier. This little half moon affair just bolted on to the bottom side of the carrier. Well, I'm looking for one of those little parts. I have a skeletonized 15 carrier for my pistol build and I need a 16 type bolt carrier but don't want the added weight. So, I'm looking for the part above. Does anyone have one of those or know where I can find one. Now that 16 carriers are everywhere no one needs the conversion part, except me! Thanks
by JStone406 at Apr 3, 2020
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Hello, I am new to the forum and was hoping someone could help me out with an inquiry. I recently purchased a new charging handle (Blackhawk No-latch ambidextrous charging handle) for an AR pistol I purchased. After installing it, a new trigger assembly, new buffer tube and pistol brace, I dry fired it a few times to make sure everything was running properly. I noticed quickly that the charging handle was sticking while being pulled back so I heavily lubed the metal frame and polymer grove of the upper assembly. It seemed to run fine for a few pulls, but as soon as the lube gets slightly worn down it began to wear away the finish on all four edges of the frame (I've attached the picture). I didn't have any issues with it on the standard charging handle that came with the gun. The gun has never been fired so I'm wondering if it is just a matter of breaking it in so the handle pulls smoothly, but I wanted to find out if the charging handle is just a dud and should be returned.
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