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by FF260 at Mar 4, 2020
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What is the difference between the 5.56 NATO and a normal 5.56?
by Radar at Feb 8, 2020
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Hello folks,

I have a Colt 6920 that I bought quite a number of years ago as an OEM rifle. It has never been fired because I only recently finished installing the final parts to complete the rifle. My question is about making it ready for its first fire. Do I take it apart thoroughly, lubing it with Break Free CLP, or can I lube the barrel and let her rip? Should I grease the bearing surfaces on the bolt carrier or use the CLP? I am not new to firearms, but this my first serious rifle. Knowledgeable help is appreciated. It's a 6920, so it is labeled M4 carbine. I can't imagine that makes a difference, though. Thank you, Eric M.
by C.Miller at Dec 28, 2019
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A few years ago I won a ar-15 at nra banquet. Long story short they raffled off the wrong gun the ar I received has all 0’s in the serial number. It is a Daniel defense I think that year it was gun of the year. I have the very first one assembled that year it was supposed to go into there museum. Wondering what it is worth?
by Kevinohio at Jan 9, 2019
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Doing my first AR my striped lower and striped far I got all my lower parts bought and installed yesterday.installed my forward assist in upper is so cool to do everything piece by gives you a better understanding of how everything works and how cool the AR rifle design i just need to get the rest of the parts a little at a time as the funds become available.the funds right now are more of a task right now that building an AR.after becoming ill and having no income at the moment.but like life and a AR build everything comes togather piece by piece right
by cladd at Jan 7, 2019
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Today I became a new member of this forum and look forward to learning more about my AR. I have participated in benchrest - both rimfire and centerfire - matches for quite a few years. I have a Rock River Varmint with 24 inch barrel I've used in factory BR matches and have had some success with it. I really don't use the RR for matches anymore however want to set it up for varmint/coyote shooting. I am currently thinking about changing the barrel from the current 24 inch to a 18 inch model - easier to pack around and lighter weight. I want to use a factory barrel from Rock River and they informed me I needed the following;

* 18 inch varmint barrel without gas block
* low profile gas block
* mid length gas tube

Does this sound correct? I also need to purchase the tool(s) need to change out the barrel - what would I need? Also are there any good utubes videos online that would walk me through the barrel swap? I've replaced barrels on my benchrest rifles however that's a simple "screw the old barrel off and install the new one" not much to it.

I would appreciate any advice on this.