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by C.Miller at Dec 28, 2019
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A few years ago I won a ar-15 at nra banquet. Long story short they raffled off the wrong gun the ar I received has all 0’s in the serial number. It is a Daniel defense I think that year it was gun of the year. I have the very first one assembled that year it was supposed to go into there museum. Wondering what it is worth?
by Kevinohio at Jan 9, 2019
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Doing my first AR my striped lower and striped far I got all my lower parts bought and installed yesterday.installed my forward assist in upper is so cool to do everything piece by gives you a better understanding of how everything works and how cool the AR rifle design i just need to get the rest of the parts a little at a time as the funds become available.the funds right now are more of a task right now that building an AR.after becoming ill and having no income at the moment.but like life and a AR build everything comes togather piece by piece right
by cladd at Jan 7, 2019
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Today I became a new member of this forum and look forward to learning more about my AR. I have participated in benchrest - both rimfire and centerfire - matches for quite a few years. I have a Rock River Varmint with 24 inch barrel I've used in factory BR matches and have had some success with it. I really don't use the RR for matches anymore however want to set it up for varmint/coyote shooting. I am currently thinking about changing the barrel from the current 24 inch to a 18 inch model - easier to pack around and lighter weight. I want to use a factory barrel from Rock River and they informed me I needed the following;

* 18 inch varmint barrel without gas block
* low profile gas block
* mid length gas tube

Does this sound correct? I also need to purchase the tool(s) need to change out the barrel - what would I need? Also are there any good utubes videos online that would walk me through the barrel swap? I've replaced barrels on my benchrest rifles however that's a simple "screw the old barrel off and install the new one" not much to it.

I would appreciate any advice on this.

by icarus at Nov 27, 2018
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Ok, I know I'm a noob but I have been surfing the forum for 10+ yrs. Just never actually registered. Been on Saiga-12, Homegunsmith, Uzitalk, & Gunco forums since early 2000s.

Looking at purchasing some AR kits wholesale in bulk for resale. I can pickup AR15, AR10, AR9, & AR45 kits rifle or pistol pretty cheap but do to cash flow and minimum purchase quantities have to chose one or the other for now. All the kits come with M-lok or Key Mod rails. Want to know what you guys think I should get? Which are you most interested in? Retail prices would be about:

AR45 Pistol with Shockwave Brace and 9.5" barrel - $475 AR45 80% lowers run $120 no finish and $160 Black Cerakote. Glock Mag compatible.

AR9 Pistol with Shockwave Brace and 7.5" barrel $370 AR9 80% lowers run $66 no finish and $110 Black anodized. Glock Mag compatible

AR9 Rifle with 6 position generic stock and 16" brl $390

AR10 Rifle with 6 pos generic stock & 20" stainless brl $525 AR10 80% lowers run $85 no finish $100 black anodized.

For the AR9s I can do colt mag compatible which will work on any AR15 receiver and come with a mag adapter for $60 more. For an conversion kit that would work great but colt mags are more than Glock or generic Glock mags. Also which would prefer M-lok or Key Mod? Thanks for any input.
by superdave67 at Nov 20, 2018
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I recently built a 5.56 AR (and a 300BLK). I've been to the range half a dozen times (1-2 times a week) and shoot about 100 rounds each time. But the fumes from the AR are sickening... especially in the confined space of the lane. Granted, I'm using 5.56 range ammo bought at the range, so it's probably not the best quality.

What ammo is best for indoor range shooting that doesn't produce so much gas? I know there's going to be some and I can't escape it, but what can I do to reduce it? While I realize I can go to an outdoor range, but there aren't any close to where I live.

What ammo do you guys (and/or gals) recommend for indoor shooting (5.56 & 300BLK) that has less gas emissions?

Thanks all!