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AR15 Forums

by Dirtygary at Nov 13, 2018
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Love this short light rifle. As KISS as you can get.

Rock Island Armory/Sendra lower with cmmg 14.7 in cl barrel with perm flash hider.
by breekarms at Sep 20, 2018
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REASONS why the USA is the best choice for the quality rifle keymod free float handguard

  • Quality Design and Materials
  • Variety of Styles and Lengths
  • great Customer Service
  • Affordable Pricing
  • incredibly lightweight design
by Bostonrob45 at Sep 9, 2018
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My first time using this site so please bear with me. I purchased a value line Barrel from kak industry using Green Mountain Barrel blanks it received a lot of great reviews I have yet to hear an issue. So with that said I am trying to attach a file with a photo on it it shows the tip of the barrel the muzzle end if you open up the photo you can see the inside of the barrel there looks to be like there is a chip around the inside surface of the tip of the barrel it is a melonite barrel so it is supposed to be dark. Can anyone relate to this matter or should I return the barrel.
by Waterworks at Jul 31, 2018
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Anyone got any info on the first two prototypes in this picture .

I'd like to start a project to do some drawings to see if a replica could be built .

Why ? Because its so simple but functional, and would lend itself to being made in a home workshop.

There's no clue how Stoner guided the cam stud when unlocked in these prototypes. Maybe the tube has an internal keyway ?
by Canrunin at Apr 27, 2018
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So far I have a regular carbine AR15.m, a 16” mid length with free float hand guard lightweight barrel. An AR9 16” barrel and an AR9 pistol. I been kicking around another lightweight AR15 and mount a vortex strike eagle on it. All the others have red dots on them. I was thinking of an 18” with a rifle length gas system but I don’t know if it’s better to just stay with 16”. I have a lower sitting in the safe and I’m looking for suggestions on a way to go with it. I also thought about getting a BCN upper assembly but I don’t know if it’s worth the extra money the others I built have been 100% reliable so far. And I really enjoy building them. Thanks