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  1. Custom Builds
    Hey guys, I’m building a 9mm ar Pistol, I have a 7.25” handgaurd I bought on sale, I’m planning on using the kak micro flash can as my muzzle device which is 1.75” in length, and would like it to sit at least partially inside the handgaurd, would a 7.5” barrel give me that effect? Or should I...
  2. AR Talk
    Hello, I am new to the forum and was hoping someone could help me out with an inquiry. I recently purchased a new charging handle (Blackhawk No-latch ambidextrous charging handle) for an AR pistol I purchased. After installing it, a new trigger assembly, new buffer tube and pistol brace, I dry...
  3. Custom Builds
    I've lurked this forum for a few years and finally joined. Sorry if this is covered in another thread, and if so post a link and delete this thread. Looking to build an AR pistol, however uncertain of a few rules and regulations. If a stripped lower is sold in a private sale, is it considered a...
1-3 of 3 Results