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  1. AR Talk
    I do enjoy quality but for the price these rails are pretty well made. 10%off- Halloween10
  2. Custom Builds
    So I recently started a custom AR15 build, and may have slightly compromised the thread on the front of the barrel, the thread for muzzle brake, I am unable to screw any muzzle or hider on the barrel? Its the first and second of thread from the tip of the barrel that is stripped. Please tell me...
  3. AR Talk
    Hello everyone, first post here. So basically I live in country where automatic & semi automatic rifles are prohibited for normal citizens. Well technically you can get those firearms if you apply for manufacturer or other higher forms of license. But it takes time, somewhere between 1 to 7...
  4. New Member Introductions
    Hey, this i my first post first off so I hope you guys take it easy on me ;). First off i Just got my Lower Receiver right before the deadline and i will be looking to build my ar-15. Im hoping someone or someones with experience will help out with the build. My Requirements: 15-20 inch barrel...
  5. Custom Builds
    Hey everyone, I'm fairly new to the ar scene and a brand new member here, so apologies in advance of this is posted in the wrong area of the site. Now, I have built an AR-15 from the ground up starting with an 80% lower, I've also built a glock 17 starting with an 80% both were purchased through...
  6. New AR Product
    If you haven't heard of them yet or seen their products, Advanced Combat Technologies is a company making high quality billet receivers and complete rifles that's definitely worth checking out. I know that there are many opinions regarding who manufactures or what makes the best AR and that...
1-6 of 6 Results