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  1. Custom Builds
    I am looking to buy an rdias and am wondering if it would work with an HK M&P 15-22.
  2. Custom Builds
    I'll start off by saying I've never owned an ar15, I've lived in new York my whole life and never felt like working around their strict laws to get myself one. However I recently joined the navy and I'm stationed in Virginia where I'll be for a better part of my career so I'm looking into...
  3. Custom Builds
    I've lurked this forum for a few years and finally joined. Sorry if this is covered in another thread, and if so post a link and delete this thread. Looking to build an AR pistol, however uncertain of a few rules and regulations. If a stripped lower is sold in a private sale, is it considered a...
  4. New Member Introductions
    Hey, this i my first post first off so I hope you guys take it easy on me ;). First off i Just got my Lower Receiver right before the deadline and i will be looking to build my ar-15. Im hoping someone or someones with experience will help out with the build. My Requirements: 15-20 inch barrel...
1-4 of 4 Results