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  1. Custom Builds
    Hey guys, I’m building a 9mm ar Pistol, I have a 7.25” handgaurd I bought on sale, I’m planning on using the kak micro flash can as my muzzle device which is 1.75” in length, and would like it to sit at least partially inside the handgaurd, would a 7.5” barrel give me that effect? Or should I...
  2. Uppers, Lowers, Barrels and More
    Hey, so I'm working on an AR pistol and I am very much trying to recreate this guy. Anyone got any idea what this handguard might be?
  3. Uppers, Lowers, Barrels and More
    Hello everyone! I am brand new here and have a question or several. I have recently come across some Alexander arms handguards. The main thing is im trying to find out if they are usable as is or if there are things im missing and if so where can i find the parts i need. i can post pictures as...
  4. Uppers, Lowers, Barrels and More
    I have a Older Bushmaster XM15 16in barrel. Right now I have Magpul Drop In handguard. I'm looking to Upgrade. I like quadrails, but been interested in Mlok 12/13 in rails. Just don't want to drop alot of money. But I do want a Quality made in USA rail.
1-4 of 4 Results