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Last week i had a pretty frustrating day at the range, I spent more time cleaning up the mess others left than shooting. We have a nice range facility and some people treat it like crap.

Fast forward to this week, one of my brothers is the RO for his PD and he tells me that they will be having range days wednesday and thursday. So I take part of the day off and go visit. His dept is Glock only so I got some glances with my XD9 Tac until I shot 480/500 on their qual course :mrgreen:(465 is expert). What really made the day good was after we shot the carbine portion I am talking to one of the officers and he asks me if I want an extra magazine, I am not sure what it is but it is free so I say yes. He hands me a lightly used HK magazine :shock:, at this point I am kind of speechless and try to give him some money but he won't take it. He says he doesn't care for it. I haven't run the mag yet to see if there are any issues with it but wow! They let me keep all of the .223 brass I could pick up and I have about 2 milk jugs worth of once fired .223 brass.

A good day at the range!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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