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I'll start off by saying I've never owned an ar15, I've lived in new York my whole life and never felt like working around their strict laws to get myself one. However I recently joined the navy and I'm stationed in Virginia where I'll be for a better part of my career so I'm looking into getting one now. As for the advice. I fell in love with the f1 arms lower skeletonized reciever style and can't find another one like it anywhere (if you know of any I'd like to give it a look. I'll include a picture). I know for a fact I want that lower. My question here is simple. Should I buy the lower and a pre built ar(I'm looking at spending 1500) And just swap lowers or should I buy the parts and build one myself. I am not very knowledgeable on what parts to buy that will fit my budget. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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