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AR-15 LMT 14.5'' barrel or any other brand questions

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since the total barrel length has to be 16 inches and LMT sells 14.5, is it legal to buy it and get it shipped to me? i know the suppressor has to be permanent, but does it come this way or would i have to buy it and install it myself?

does anyone know of other brands with 14.5 barrels?

and with an LMT upper, would it matter which brand lower i could put it on? i was thinking RRA... comments?
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I haven't had a 14.5" shipped to me personally, but that shouldn't be a problem. The completed rifle shorter than 16" would need a tax stamp, but LMT should be able to send you just the barrel. Yes if you're building a regular config rifle, the flash hider should be pinned or welded or otherwise permanently attached for a total length of 16".

There are a lot of options for barrels, and it ultimately depends on what you want to do with the rifle, Wilson midlenght 16" is what I use and I couldn't be happier.

LMT and RRA should marry up, but some have said that the tolerances for RRA is very tight and sometimes they don't fit so easily... might ask PackerfanXD about that.

Hope that helps.

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