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AR-15 optics question

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I am looking to put a scope on my RRA Entry Tactical 16" barrel rifle. Unfortunately, I know jack about optics. What would you guys suggest I get for varmint/target shooting out to about 200 yards? Preferably one I wont have to take out a second mortgage on my house to buy.
p.s. I guess I should be asking over at, but I just hate that site :D
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Just a thought - but if your peepers are still half
useable, have you thought about a red dot to co-
witness the iron sights?

My ol' well worn eyes does pretty good with an
Aimpoint Red Dot shooting thru the irons at 200

Whats wrong with just irons?? MAybe some kinda Dr Optics reflex??
I have an EoTech on mine. No magnification, but makes a good sight.
Check out the simulator.
panther308 said:

Or for a little less money, the Bushnell Holosight (which is the same thing, same company, without the steel cage thingy around it). Mine works quite well, although I haven't tried it out on varmints yet. I plan on going prarie dog hunting around here soon.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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