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I am looking to put a scope on my RRA Entry Tactical 16" barrel rifle. Unfortunately, I know jack about optics. What would you guys suggest I get for varmint/target shooting out to about 200 yards? Preferably one I wont have to take out a second mortgage on my house to buy.
p.s. I guess I should be asking over at, but I just hate that site :D

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Just a thought - but if your peepers are still half
useable, have you thought about a red dot to co-
witness the iron sights?

My ol' well worn eyes does pretty good with an
Aimpoint Red Dot shooting thru the irons at 200


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panther308 said:

Or for a little less money, the Bushnell Holosight (which is the same thing, same company, without the steel cage thingy around it). Mine works quite well, although I haven't tried it out on varmints yet. I plan on going prarie dog hunting around here soon.
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