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AR-15 Question

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So Im about to get a Ar-15 - I think the M4 version. A3 flattop. The question is anyone have advice or reccommendations? I also want to get an EOTech. My local gunstore has a bushmaster A3 without the attachable carry handel for $850 and the Eotech for $300 and the attachable flip up iron sight for $110. Are these average prices? Is the 16" barrel better than a 20". No, I am not a mercinary.
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Seems like good prices. Have you looked at Rock River? I am a BIG fan of their Entry Tactical. That is what I own, and It is a machine.
The prices are about right, you might find the sights cheeper online, but the rifle and eotech sound ok. As for the barrel, 16" is fine for a gun you just shoot for fun, if you were going to use it for varmint hunting, or 3-Gun matches then I would go with the 20" barrel.
OS - I did look into RRA which is what I was originally going to get but its only $15 cheaper and comes with a two week order wait. Bushmasters are in stock.
I would go for the Bushmaster. I build my guns but Bushmaster is a good gun too.

Tell the gun shop you will by the rifle but you want $20 off of the site. If they dont go for it buy just the rifle and get a cheaper sight online.

Here is one for $99 shipped...

$63.95 shipped...
I'm the guy who has to have something RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

if I buy it I want it yesterday

I ordered my RRA Entry Tactical it took one month and that was to get a chrome lined barrel

I'm glad I was able to wait it's a great weapon and a keeper

seem like everyone has a bushy and thats fine great gun I just like to have something a little different and equal or better quality

you cant go wrong with either one

buy rounds by the thousands you will need them!!!!!!!!!
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i just got my A3 m4 upper from Bushmaster and put it on my carbon 15 lower , it was a tight fit but looks great , u cant go wrong with bushmaster
ive shot tons of wolf ammo threw the thing with no probs :wink: as far as eotech and aimpoint go u cant go wrong with those two, as for me im going to shoot with my irons for awhile im poor after buying my upper next thing ill buy is some mags...
Thanks for the replys and I will def do that about the sights.
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