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AR Build Help?

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I've been trying to decide on uppers and parts for the AR I'm building, and I'm having a hard time finding what I (think I) want.

Originally I planned on going with a 16" varmint setup with a flat-top upper and free-float tube. I started surfing and I found this:

I like that setup well enough, but then I started wondering if I could combine a few "looks" to get something really unique. What I'd like to do is get a 16" barrel with a gas block that will fit under a standard (A2) length free-float (4 rail, YHM) handguard. My ultimate goal is a free-floating 16" dissipator setup I guess.

The problem is, None of the dissipator assemblies I've seen fit my needs. I could probably buy the 16" varmint upper and then change parts (gas block, handguard, etc) to get what I need, but that would be a serious waste of money.

Who would you recommend I contact to see about building a custom upper assembly without breaking the bank? Does anyone here in Ohio know of a local place I could go talk to about getting what I need? Am I completely off my rocker?
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I should also add that I won't be using iron sights on this AR. Optics only!
I'd recommend calling customer service at Del-Ton. They are very knowledgable & helpful, and their prices are reasonable.
I'm not certain if these guys can help, but I have spoken with them before about some work I thought I wanted to do to my AR.

Let us know what you come up with!
too bad the timing is off, Knob Creek Machine Gun Shoot is the best place I have ever found for getting AR parts and info. It was just this past weekend and the next one isn't until Oct.

If it were me, I'd find the exact barrel you want and then build from there. Some local gunshows will have a good selection of AR parts. Just pick up a flat top upper to mount the barrel to, then find the exact gas block and free float handguard
You could try looking at JT Distributing's catalog and see if they build you what you want.

They have all the options you're looking for. Dissy Upper or kit with A3 receiver and option to use spector or similar gas block to fit under a FF forearm.

Dissy upper is $379 w/ b/c/ch and $479 with
Added PRI gas block (should fit under all railed forearms) +45
They don't list a spector size YHM railed forearm but they list a rifle size at $170

So you can get what you want for $694 with the rifle length rail. Give JT a call and see if he can quote you a price for what you want. ADCO does excellent work but it might be pricier. Call around and see who can get you what you want. Don't forget to ask about shipping charges.
As someone has mentioned J&T..I strongly recommend them. I have built 2 AR rifles. One 16" carbine and 20" rifle. The lower on the 16" is a bushy and the lower on the 20" is a DPMS. The 16" has a chrome moly barrel with EOTECH optics and the 20" is a stainless bull barrel. The trigger is a 2 stage Chip Mccormick with a high rise flat top and a Trophy variable scope. The 20" is very accurate while the carbine a very easy to handle with the EOTECH for rapid fire. Both have adjustable stocks with cheek rest. One has a 4 rail handguard and the other (20") has NM free float handguard with Harris bipod. Both cost under 1K and have all I want on it including 6 30 rnd mags and 4 20 rnd mags. Follow breakin instructions for SSTL barrel....good luck
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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