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AR spare parts bin.

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I want to take a carbine course. I understand they are brutal on your AR and can really tell you what your AR is made of. Many reco. a spare parts kit and/or a second complete rifle(working on that:D). Help me with a spare parts list guys.
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Items I have ordered
Since some day a bolt and carrer may be needed I felt the need to buy a feild grade headspace gage. Forster Headspace Gage Field Length.

MidwayUSA - Forster Headspace Gage Field Length 223 Remington

Since to use this gage one should remove the ejector and spring I also ordered a Schuster MFG Bolt Disassembly Tool.

Adco Firearms Item Details

I found a good spare parts kit at CMMG.

AR Survival Kit includes a wide variety of small parts to ensure in the event of loss or breakage your AR can be quickly fixed in the field. Part included with kit are Extractor with Spring insert and pivot pin, 3 gas rings, ejector with spring and pin, cotter pin, firing pin, disconnector with 2 springs, hammer spring and pivot pin, trigger spring and pivot, cam pin. 2 carrier key screws, rear take-down pin with spring and detent, front take-down with spring and detent, and safety spring and detent.

AR15/M16 Internal Parts - CMMG, Inc

And I found a good set of advanced extractor springs with incert and Crane O-Rings at Bravo Co.
The BCM Extractor Spring is a heavy 5 coil design made for the increased extractor tention required on many AR15, M4, M16 short barreled rifles. This product also inproves the reliability on a standard 16" and 14.5" carbines.
As with all BCM branded products, the highest quality is the primary focus. Our BCM Extractor Spring is manufactured by a 9001:2000 facility employing the latest precision equipment. BCM starts with only the highest quality chrome silicon material, heat treats to stress relieve the product and shot peens to add increased strength.
This kit also includes the new black extractor insert, standard on all M4, M4A1, Mk18 carbines and the recent new standard on M16A4 rifles. The BCM Extractor Spring is so strong the Mil-Spec Crane O-Ring will probably not be needed, but it is included.

This kit includes:
Qty 3 - BCM Extractor Spring (chrome silicon, heat treated & stress relieved, shot peened)
Qty 3 - Crane Ind O-Ring (Mil-Spec)
Qty 3 - Black Extractor Insert

BCM Extractor Spring Uprade Kit
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Thats funny, bravo company is where Ive been looking. Sounds good
Do not forget extra firing pins.
Do not forget extra firing pins.
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