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I've been around AR and M4s for almost 40 years. I've got a part that is puzzling to me

Take a look at the pics: The gas block in the front is the part in question.

I need to mount a bipod. But the ********* rail is on TOP of the gas block. Cant rotate the gas block because of the gas tube

So I guess I am left using a clamp on type of ********* rail (?), something I am not big on.

This bull barrel is a nail driver. I use a 35 grain that is 4000fps at the muzzle and drops 0" at 200yds and -5.3" at 300 yds. I have a great custom fire conrtol assembly, magpul long gun stock and I have fired about 100 rds so far thru it and it drops large pronghorns with no problems... But as most know, bull barrels are very heavy rifles. Which goes back to my bipod issue

Anyone recommend a bipod mount w/o any gunsmithing? I dont prefer a clamp on ********* rail, but if thats my only option.......... View attachment 2736

View attachment 2735
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