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Hello AR15Forum,
Jimbo61, new member, here to bring up a tolerance problem I seem to have in a rebuild of an earlier purchase of a standard AR15 DPMS 5.56mm.

The rifle as I’ve said is DPMS pieced together from parts sourced from Midway, Brownell’s, and I think Bravo Co. Twist is 1:9 with the standard front sight gas block forearm, rifle length gas port, upper and BCG. And standard grip and trigger.

First is to change the barrel, the upper and BCG, and trigger. And hence the subject of this post. There are concerns with the components and although I’ve got a lot of data, my shop is upside down and I’m laid up injured and can’t get to it. Here’s what I got.

The gas tube, rifle length, is a tight fit in the Bolt Carrier Key. Yet is a loose fit in the low profile gas block. These are all new parts all bought from

Having nothing but the parts and time, I embarked on finding what I could online And with my micrometer and caliper.

what I came up with is nothing online except a drawing of a low profile gas block. Which implies the Gas Block fails manufacturing specs. And the Bolt Carrier Key ether is out-of-round or at the minimum tolerance ID. The gas tube seems to be in spec or capable of fitting if the other items where in spec.
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