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so.. got a nice bonus at work (NICE, and unexpected, the best kind) so i figured i would get a FEW goodies with some of the money... checked all over for some little things i been meanin to get and found this page called "" dont know if anyone has checked it out, the page is ungodly hard to navigate. but the prices are pretty good, and shipped pretty quick (ordered on sunday got it on thur)
here is what i got.. (all for AR except for two mags)

accu wedge 3.99
magpuls (3-3 packs 9 total) 26.97
SA 9mm 16 rounders (2 of em) 21.99 each
magpul AR 30 rounders (5 of em) 14.99 each
magpul buttpad 16.99... (didnt read close enough, i thought it was just a butt pad not ONLY for magpul stocks... oh well.. guess i have to get one now.. darn... hehe)

here are some "old pics"

and here are some new pics... (i also cut down my carry handle and made the "custom" buis that was shown on

i also may or may not have purchased an EOtech from the local pawn shop by accident........ ;)

what you all think? improvement?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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