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AR15 Rattle Between Upper and Lower

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After recently installing a quadrail and VFG on my Bushie I have noticed a slight rattle between the upper and lower.

I guess this is a common occurance as the ability to place different uppers and lowers together requires some play on the pin holes.

The three solutions that I see are:

1. Deal with it - Various people say it really does not adversely affect accuracy and is more of an annoyance.
2. Buy a Tension Pin - This seems to be common but a hex wrench is needed for breakdown
3. Buy an Accu Wedge - This also seems to be common and seems like an inexpensive fix.

I would like any feedback on these solutions as the rattle is an annoyance to me but I may just deal with it if neither solution are worth it.
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The wedge is a cheap and easy solution.
Here is an interesting thread:

One guy reccomends getting #7 O-rings from Lowes/Home Depot and slip one over the front pivitpin lug on the upper. it will eliminate any loose fit between the 2 halves.

That seems like a cheap alternative.

Some people say the Accuwedge can cause uncessary wear for a nonexistent problem.
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