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Ok, I know I'm a noob but I have been surfing the forum for 10+ yrs. Just never actually registered. Been on Saiga-12, Homegunsmith, Uzitalk, & Gunco forums since early 2000s.

Looking at purchasing some AR kits wholesale in bulk for resale. I can pickup AR15, AR10, AR9, & AR45 kits rifle or pistol pretty cheap but do to cash flow and minimum purchase quantities have to chose one or the other for now. All the kits come with M-lok or Key Mod rails. Want to know what you guys think I should get? Which are you most interested in? Retail prices would be about:

AR45 Pistol with Shockwave Brace and 9.5" barrel - $475 AR45 80% lowers run $120 no finish and $160 Black Cerakote. Glock Mag compatible.

AR9 Pistol with Shockwave Brace and 7.5" barrel $370 AR9 80% lowers run $66 no finish and $110 Black anodized. Glock Mag compatible

AR9 Rifle with 6 position generic stock and 16" brl $390

AR10 Rifle with 6 pos generic stock & 20" stainless brl $525 AR10 80% lowers run $85 no finish $100 black anodized.

For the AR9s I can do colt mag compatible which will work on any AR15 receiver and come with a mag adapter for $60 more. For an conversion kit that would work great but colt mags are more than Glock or generic Glock mags. Also which would prefer M-lok or Key Mod? Thanks for any input.
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