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Hey follow 2nd amendment friends,

I recently bought a Freedom Ordinance FX9 pistol carbine with the 8'' barrel.

Im not to thrilled about the upper, i mean the free float rail & barrel i wanted to keep but the the housing for the bolt carrier i prefer to change out something with a dust cover,

i found a CMMG AR9 stripped upper with a dust cover. The guy are the gun store said that not all AR9 uppers aren't compatible with each other, not sure if that is all true. he took a CMMG banshee upper chambered in 5.7 & tried to put it assemble it on the FX9 lower. I thought that was odd considering the 5.7 upper was longer then the 9mm upper.
anyways ill get to my point. Does anyone know if a CMMG AR9 upper is compatible with my FX9 lower & will the barrel assemble work with the CMMG upper as well?

CMMG AR9 Upper dimensions
Width:3.00 (in)
Height:3.00 (in)
Depth:10.00 (in
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