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CAR15 Price?

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Hey guys/girls, I know some people hate these type of threads, but I will ask anyway. :p A guy I work with has a CAR15 A2 for sale and I was wondering what it's worth. He said it's (I am not sure how many years old) in good condition and completely stock with 16" barrel. What kind of price can I expect from him?

He said he wants to part with it because he owns a Rock River Arms AR and another pre-ban colt.

Thanks in advance.
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need more info other than CAR15 A2 to help determine a ballpark price
pre-ban, post-ban, no-ban.....who made it...blah blah blah


It was pieced together, but mostly Golden Eagle and it's a post ban or no ban A2 model.

Sorry, I am just getting into AR's.
"it's a post ban or no ban A2"

well there is a difference - post ban NO threaded muzzle of barrel and NO bayo lug of front sight tower

no ban or pre ban - threaded, bayo lug

since you said it is a piece together mostly Golden Eagle (never heard of them)...A2, I'm guessing it has a collaspable stock on it since you called it a top dollar, not knowing who put it together, quality of the parts....$400

I put together an A1 carbine for right around that price.

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Brand new 16" Carbine runs a grand for good quality...

For unknown quality & used, I'd cut that cost in half... $500

It being a friend and face to face, I'd say drop 20% ($100), you're down to $400
Thanks for the replies guys. It's definitely a CAR15 and he said it has some golden eagle parts on it. I haven't seen it yet, still trying to get him to bring it in. Anyway, thanks again.

Do you think it's worth it? I am kind of a broke college student (will graduate in December) with a part time job on weekends and an internship full time during the week.
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