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Took the C15 Model 4 Carbine to the range today. I only shot 100 rounds of Remington 55-gr cause the indoor range doesn’t allow steel jacketed ammo. My main supply is Golden Bear which is bi-metal jacket.

I gave it a good lube before I started. Not dripping but a good film on all moving parts.

It ran flawless. The recoil is more than I’m used to with an AR because the rifle is so light. Still not enough recoil to bother even the most recoil-sensitive, but more than a standard AR.

Muzzle blast is impressive! That 14.5” barrel let’s the dogs out! But even though the blast was substantial there was really no muzzle flash, which would have been very noticable in the subdued lighting of this range.

I shot with an Aimpoint sight and the peep sights. I couldn’t really judge accuracy since I had to shoot offhand. But I was able to keep shots in a 3” circle offhand at 25 yds with the Aimpoint. I’ll test the bench accuracy later. For now that’s good enough for what a 14.5” carbine was intended for.

The trigger is a bit gritty and stiff. I’m sure it will wear in.

Overall I’d have to say I’m very pleased. Time will tell on reliability but 100 failure-free rounds out of 4 cheap mags is a good start. And the fact that I was shooting 223 Remington rather than hot 5.56 ammo says it’s not ammo sensitive. At least when it’s clean.
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