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It is a custom receiver from a group purchase on

16" 1/9 Pencil bbl
A2 Flash Suppressor
M4 6-pos Collapsible stock
Flat top upper receiver
DPMS detachable A2 rear sight
RRA Match trigger
Weight is 5lbs 10oz


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BTW, your boy Farve is gonna hear footsteps when the Lions come to town. How do you think he's going to feel burried under Cory Redding and Shaun Rogers? :lol:
Are you talking about the Detroit Lions or is the circus in town? Is there a travelling zoo perhaps?

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(Gotta live it up while they're 2-0, cause it won't lost long. :lol: )
I was starting to wonder if you had already drank too much of the "kool-aid"...but apparently you're a realist.

I'm a Niners fan...and still don't believe they're not 0-2.

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UM is going to win out. They will beat WI in WI. They will beat OSU at home. They will beat MSU at MSU. Penn State is going to get trounced tomorrow at The Big House.

Quote it.
WAKE UP! WAKE UP! Oh, sorry, didn't mean to spoil your dream!:p:p

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Holy smokem - talk about thread
snatching! From AR to pigskin.

Shame on you 'snatchem' guys.

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