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Well I bought a new Bushmaster for my bday and a Ciener kit to go with it.

My first impressions are that the kit is very easy to swap into the AR. It literally takes 15 seconds.

The magazine seems to be the weak part of the kit as it caused various FTFs. I was also using 22 hollowpoints which various people have said to steer clear of. I didn't know that until I already bought a bulk pack. The tips seem to get caught up or deform in the feedramp but I bet I can fix that by polishing it.

I ordered 6 magazines from and I have read that they work much better.

The accuracy seems to be decent but I only shot at 50 feet and 50 yards. I also have not zeroed my Bushie so that could be off as well.

Overall impressions are that once I use some CLP on the kit and get the aftermarket mags the gun will cycle better.

It was really fun to shoot an AR with 22s and it was almost like firing an auto because it was so quick.

It's also fun to see the look on people's faces when you throw 30 rounds downrange in less then 10 seconds.

I think it's well worth the money for an AR that you just want to have fun with.

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$140 for the kit and 10 round mag and $179 for the kit and 30 round mag.

Personally I think the mag from Ciener sucks. It has sharp edges and the spring is not consitent when fully loaded or almost empty. It's like you can only load 25 rounds and the the last 1 or 2 don't feed either.

They cost $60 on their own and the kit with the 30 is $40 more.

I'll give some feedback on the Black Dog Machine plastic mags once I get them but I bet they will work much better and they only cost $30. If you buy 5 you get one free.

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Also the GI 30 round 223 mags on that site are C Products which AR fans seem to love.

I picked up 3 to make the shipping cost worth while.

I ordered on Monday and received the kit on Thursday but I am in SC and they are in TX so that will obviously vary.

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I have the same kit but was unaware of the Aftermarket mags, of course I have had very little problem with the original mags. I found it to be as reliable as my stock 10/22 that I sold after getting the AR15 kit. I use it as a training aid mostly, shots on target from the ready positions and such, it dose a great job in all but drills that require more then one shot. I was able to practice in the back yard with the 22kit greatly increasing my trigger time, and I feel allot of it Carry's over to the 5.56 very well. I find that with my barrel 1x7 twist accuracy at any range over 50 yards is questionable at best, it dose better with my 1x9 but I generally like to stick with one gun. It shoot the SSS 60gr 22s very well, they are made by Augila or something like that, anyway they are pretty much ideal for the 1x9.

The Key to reliability in my kit is good ammo, it likes to hick up with the bulk 22s in the milk carton, but CCI run like a dream, in fact I cant recall one jam ever with them.

Anyhow thanks for the link to the mags, it says if you buy 5 you get one free........needless to say ill be jumping on that deal.
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