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As it is customary for me to write reviews on gun related product, here is my 4th installment on this very interesting addiciton for me.

I grew up in the city and the only time that I ever touched a weapon was at a cousin's house around age 17. Went to the range and shot. Enjoyed it, but didn't touch another weapon for 5 year, then I would go to the range about every other year... always enjoyed it, but never got the bug.

Until the XD. That seemed to have opened a flood gate. My life and financial situation being more stable, I have purchased in the past 9 months the following. XD-9, Enfield Henri-Martini pre-1870, SKS, SKS-M, AR-15 and Mossberg 500A.

I've been busy enough zeroing and getting used to the weapons, but I wanted a fun shooting plinker but didn't want yet another weapon (my wife would have my head on a platter).

I've always enjoyed shooting 22LR ever since a college room-mate and I shot a box of 500 out in the Arizona desert. I was initially looking for an Henry AR7 (survival 22LR) or something similar, but I've read good reviews from about the Ciener conversion kit.

Ordered the Ciener AR-15 conversion kit with 10 round magazines from and 2 Black Dog 30 round 22LR magazines from

Went to the range and the steel Ciener mags ran flawlessly. The Black Dog mags would stove-pipe in an upside down configuration every other round. I emailed Kevin at Black Dog and he suggested a few things I could do to improve the ejection. Well, it didn't work, so I contacted him again and he said to try to barely unseat the mag from the lower receiver and try to shoot. Well, it worked much better, ~80% of the time. When I reported this, he asked me to ship the mags to him so he could make some adjustments. In 7 days, I had the mags back. Not only did he fix the problem, he shipped me another magazine free of charge! He responds to his emails faster than poop through goose and backs his products up 100%. Although my mags did not initially work, because of his outstanding customer service, I would buy mags from him again, though probably directly from him due to my aforementioned issue. I ran them today and only had 1 stove-pipe with the first round from the newest (free) mag, but after that, plink-plink-plink.... no stoppages!

The POI is about the same as the 5.56 I have dialed into my AR. I've read reviews that the POI it would be lower, so I was aiming for the 12 o'clock position of the targets. Pretty good grouping, using $10, Federal 36 gr. HP bulk pack from Walmart.

1. 40 rounds, off hand (again aiming for the 12 o'clock position) Fedreral bulk pack 36 gr HP

2. 30 rounds, bench unsupported (aiming for 12 o'clock position) Fedreral bulk pack 36 gr HP

3. 30 rounds, off hand (aiming for 12 o'clock position) Fedreral bulk pack 36 gr HP

4. 10 Shots, bench unsupported, Wolf 5.56 @ 25 yrd (POA the red bullseye) The rifle is zeroed at 50 yrd / 200 yrds for the 5.56

My observations:

1. Ciener kit works very well and is a hoot to shoot
2. After 1000 rounds, it will have paid for itself
3. Black Dog mags and their product support is the Dog's Bawlz! Just AWESOME!
4. POI is about the same for 22LR and 5.56 at 25 yrds. Next time I'll try 50 yrds.
5. Shooting 22LR will make you a better shooter (as evidenced by my final 5.56 grouping)
6. Wolf cheapo ammo is not bad of a shooter at all (quarter size 10 round group bench unsupported is good in my book)
7. Did I mention how helpful Kevin from Black Dog was?

Now go out and shoot!


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The BDM mags are awesome.

BTW the POI will be lower at 50 yards.

It's fun to plink with while aiming higher with the iron sights but I just bought a cheap red dot reflex and I zeroed it in just for the Ciener.

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Eh... all these replies and no comment about the dining room table? LOL.
Anyways, the 100 rounds of 22lr cost me $2. Got a great feel for the trigger action, then get great groupings from the full leaded 5.56 ammo; a win win situation!

I'll post up how the kit looks like later when I get time to get them off of the camera.


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For those of you who were interested, I thought I'd post an update.
The thing shoots almost as well as the 5.56 with same POI at 25 yrds.

I used Fiocchi Hyper velocity 40 gr copper plated round nose ammo @ 25 yrds, 10 round for this result.

I'm pretty pleased with the AR, conversion and Fiocchi ammo :)
Seems to be the correct "alchemy" mix.

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those are some good groups. i have found that out of all the .22 lr ammo, my rifle with the ciener likes the 60gr. augila SSS rounds the best. maybe give them a go around next time you get a chance
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