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It works. So I think it would be appropriate to post. Although, no pics as of yet, later tonight hopefully if a friend of my brother's comes by with a digital camera.

Rob, Steve, Dave, and Neil all had influence over the project, direct or indirect. A massive thanks goes to Rob and Dave who define customer service.

A big thanks goes to Swingset, a local ARFcommer for helping me out and providing the opportunities to get this sighted in.
Another big thanks goes to LTCKilgore, another local ARFCommer who stopped by on superbowl sunday to drop of some new gas rings to get me back in the fight..

New Rifle put to gether, what is it? SPR/Recon/bleh bleh, its just a precision ar15 I plan on taking to the Tiger Valley class in april.

This wasn't a 'budget' rifle but I saved money where I could and where I wanted to.

Bushmaster Upper
LMT Enhanced Bolt Carrier
Colt Bolt (gauged by Dave at PRi to fit my chamber, since the CMT wouldn't fit, funny eh?)
CMT Charging Handle
ABS 18inch Carbon Fiber Barrel, .223 Wylde Chamber, Pacnor super-match SS, 1:8twist
PRi low profile, rifle positioned gas block
PRi Gen III carbon fiber fore-end, small rails at 6/12 o'clock positions
MSTN Quiet Brake
Harris 6-9 pod-lock w/larue QD mount

Bushmaster lower
MIAD Grip/trigger guard with internal backup LMT Bolt and firing pin
Geissele Match 2-stage Trigger, 4lbs total, last stage at 1lb

SN-3 1.8-10x, 44ergo objective, MOA Illuminated Reticle, .223 BDC, mounted in the Larue SPR
Jpoint 3.5moa red-dot on top of the Larue Mount

Range Report: It started on friday when I took it out for the first time. 45 rounds in, gas ring failure causing my day to end very quickly.

Today, fixed that with new one-piece gas ring and it shot like a champ. Today it was below freezing, snowing, windy, and I am very new to magnified optics, and I had the groups just at MOA with WWB FMJ.

Cleaned the barrel and scrubbed the BCG down and started with the blackhills. Shot the 73grain Match HP, 75, and 77grainers. It doesn't seem to differentiate between either, but the tighest group was with the 73grain Match. it got realy freaking cold today, and by the time I got into testing the 3 different loads, i couldnt feel my fingers. So, i did my best, tried not to piss away the ammo, but i wanted to break in the rifle ASAP

Pics to come, along with more range reports..

extremely Shitty pics, but better than nothing. Its night, no natural light, not my camera, so no flames..[0:)]

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