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Magpul CTR stock
Magpul MIAD pistol grip
Magpul enhanced trigger guard
Eotech 552
MI front sight
GG&G rear sight
Command Arms standard vertical grip
Magpul ladder rail covers
KZ offset flashlight mount
Inova T1 85L LED flashlight
MI#TS sling mount
MI#13 sling mount
Rocky Mountain Tactical sling

The whole family.

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I like the stock on that AR, details please?
CTR Carbine Stock Mil Spec
The patent-pending Compact/Type Restricted (CTR) is a drop-in replacement for the standard M4 stock body. Designed for stability, the CTR utilizes a shielded operation lever and a friction locking system that secures the stock to the buffer tube for zero movement.

Note: There are two types of buffer tubes (receiver extensions) in common use: Mil-Spec and Commercial. If you have a Commercial buffer tube on your rifle, make sure you order the Commercial CTR, stock number MAG311. For help identifying which buffer tube is on your rifle, click here.

LOP Adjust= 3.3 inch

• Friction locking system that eliminates all stock movement.
• Sloping cheek weld for improved user interface
• Ambidextrous sling mounts for QD, 1.25" loops, and lanyard hole
• Side mounting slots for cheek risers

• Weight: .0785 pounds without rubber butt-pad or spacer butt-pad
• Collapsed Length: 7.2" without rubber butt-pad or spacer butt-pad
• Extended Length: 10.5" without rubber butt-pad or spacer butt-pad

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Nice collection!

This may sound like a dumb question but where do you get those rail covers? I need to pick some of them up.

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What shop would that be? There are a couple of shops down here that have a decent selection of AR stuff, but not too much.
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