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Finally got that AR!!

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hey everybody... was at the pawn shop this weekend, just kinda peeking around. ended up picking up a Bushmaster AR-15 M4 A2. It was used but in pristine condition. looks like it hasn't been fired very much. they were asking for $879 but i walked out with it, a soft case and sling for $750 (tax included). only came w/ 1 ten round mag but i'll be fixing that in the near future.

looks very similar to this one here at buds:

4 position stock... kinda wish it had the detachable handle but not that much of a deal breaker. gonna shoot it w/ the iron sites for a little while before adding optics. couple questions to the populace:

1) Scope recommendations for <$100. this will be for fun only... i'll be shooting out to 100-150 yds.

2) interested in getting some accessories for front end. how easy is it to change the hand grips? if i get one w/ quad rail, can i do it or will i need to take it to a smith?

3) if i don't go that route... i've seen the little "tower" extensions on the barrel that have picatinny mounts. what do people think of those? (seen here)

thanks everybody! i can't wait to shoot this later today and get some pics up.[/img]
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Generally, try to stay away from Leapers brand accessories. A burris scope should probably fit your needs and you can use a built in carry handle mount.

Any kind of free float handguard will probably require you to remove the delta rings and possibly the front sight base, with the exception of LaRue and I think one or two models of the Troy. If you have a knowledgeable ARsmith in your area then you can try that.

If you're not a member of Arfcom you should hang out there a little. Try doing a lot of lurking before posting to keep you from having to ask questions that get asked a lot, and if you're still interested there may be someone close to you that can help you install a free float handguard.
For your scope, I have one of these

New Accu Shot Reticle Intensified Tactical Scope. Objective-to-Ocular Entirely One Piece Tube with Integral Carry Handle Mounting Deck - 6061 T6 Aluminum. Molded Integral Precision Windage/Elevation Adjustment - Range > 30 MOA. Tactical Range Estimating (TRE) Reticle Intensified with Flexible Illumination Adjustment. See-thru Carry Handle Mounting Deck with 2 Mounting Positions for Additional Eye Relief Adjustment. Designed with Proper Height for See-thru Without Interfering with Rear Sight Adjustment. Ergonomic Eye Piece for Precision Adjustment with Excellent Clarity. Complete with 2 Superior Quality Flat Top Adaptors with Retention Thumb Nuts to Fit on Either Picatinny/Weaver Rails or .22/Airgun Rails.

Price: $69.95

Good cheap scope and gives you options on carry handle or flat top mount. No problems at all, over 3,000 rds.......

You can go cheap and buy rails and add to your HGs or buy new ones with rails....

I just like AIM, sorry.
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