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so i got the ball rolling today on another ar-15 project. walked into the toy store to day with no intention to buy anything and ended up walking out with a bouble star ar-15 lower, i was really pleased with the fit and finish of it... seems to be of really good quality.

OTD for 120

now what to build...

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ya i think i decide that it was gonna be SPR/Long Range on the way home. ive been wanting to do this for a while.

Build list:
-White Oak Precision barrel - (gonna call and get there opinion on which barrel would be best) either 20 or 24

- PRI free float tube with full length rail ( or diff if you have suggestion)

- PRS stock

-Jewel or geillese (Sp) trigger

- white oak LPK

-Scope? ( suggestions plz- kinda budget thinking of bushnell 4200 elite)

what am i missing? ... how do you think the longer barrel would look with the longer barrel

i plan on this thing to be a hammer :cool::)

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Don't worry about what the longer barrel will look like. It does have some advantages, but concealment and obviously weight being their only real downfall.

I'm pretty sure the Mark12 0/1 SPRs are 18 inch Douglas barrels though if you're trying to stick close to the specs. That's from memory, so do your research if you're wanting to make sure.

Judging from your parts list though, you'll have one nice rifle on anyone's standards in my opinion.

If you're punching paper, a 1:9 twist or better would be adequate. If you're going to be using it for duty, then obviously a 1:7 twist NATo chambered barrel and 75+ gr ammo would probably be preferred.

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Yup the SPR's and DMR's are all 18". You cannot go wrong with White Oak. Warning about the PRS, they are HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE-avy bastards, but still after a year of using mine, it has wow factor.

Optics.. hmmmm, I don't like the 4200 series because it doesn't have finger adjustment knobs and there are next to no after market add ons. I'd say that the 3200 is good, but a Super Sniper 10 or 16x will get you everything you need and then some. After the SS I'd say you have to start looking back in the $500+ range at Leupold and IOR. Don't forget your BUIS set either :)

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so i think im going to do my interpretation of the Mark 12 Mod 0/1... should be fun, its not going to be an exact replica but it will look similar

Cant wait and ill keep you all up dated
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