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Folding side charging handle??

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Anyone know if a side charging handle that folds up for an ar15? Only ones I can find are for ACR and Scar
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Smith Tactics sells a folding side charging handle.
AR15 Folding side charging handle
I just ordered mine last Friday, and awaiting delivery.
Will post picture when it comes in.
If you are having enough problems to justify a side charging handle perhaps you need a more reliable AR.
I personally have had Zero problems, just don't like that T-handle thingy.
Reminds me of early '70s Kenner SSP cars...
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My Smith Tactics side charger just hit the door, and I popped it into my PCC right away.
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It is much smoother than the Devel Dog unit I had when I still had a Mil-Spec upper.
The Devil Dog wouldn't fit my new billet upper, so went digging for something else when I found this Smith unit.
The folding handle is also more ergonomic than the DD, and the Smith was $30 cheaper!
So if you still get e-mail notices of replies to your one and only post here, consider trying one of these.
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