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Since I've been getting more and more interested in AR's and not so much into 1911's as I once was I decided to join up. My first AR was a 300 Blackout pistol I bought prebuilt. I soon began to upgrade this and that till now the only thing that's still stock is the barrel, upper and lower receiver. I'm sure many of you can relate.

After my first AR I started building lowers and buying complete uppers. Sold several of those as I didn't need so many. Then I started building my uppers also. I have two 223 Wylde rifle builds I recently finished. I'm planning an AR9 build now and shopping parts.

There's a lot to be said for building one yourself as opposed to one off the shelf. I understand that some might not be up to it or just don't have the free time. But to me it's a hobby and I like guns. All kinds of guns. Bolt, lever and fantastic plastic pistols and of course nice 1911's.

Hope to learn some things and maybe help some also while I'm here. Thanks
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