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Well that depends on what you doing wiht it?

It has a fix handle, if you are going to be mounting a scope ot red dot get a flat top. I have found that the handles make you raise you head to high.
I have a A3 upper and stag arms lower that I put together for about $700. Rear sight and sling with two twenty round magazines, 16" fluttel barrel. Not a nail driver but more than accurate for plinking and tatical application.

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I am starting to see these pop up everywhere.

The lowers are Century which are made by CMT (Continental Machine and Tool) which also makes Stag, S&W, RRA and a bunch of other lowers. The rest of the parts seem to be used military surplus parts. If true that means the barrels and bolts could be Colt or FN, which ain't too bad.

Sounds like a good deal to me.

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I have neither but I think the guys who recommend the CMMG rifles do so because many people have already gotten them and are happy. Not too many reviews on the Century rifles yet.

Look at the pros and cons of each


Pro-Good Price, it's a carbine, good track record
Con-No rear sights which adds cost. It's a grab bag, you never know what you might end up with.

Pro-Good price, it's a rifle, the lower is made by CMT, many of the uppers and parts are reported to be Colt military.
Con-It's a rifle, it is put together by Century, parts are used so you never know what you will get.
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