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just picked up a...

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20" Colt upper for $295.

it is used, but not abused. I guess this is a good deal. it is an A3 upper with a detachable carry handle. Got it from a guy at a local gun shop.

I checked the bolt carrier, and it was in pretty good shape. well, I now have the lower and upper. now for the trigger and stock.

The stock was thrown in the deal. Asked the guy at the store if I bought the upper if he would get me a stock assembly for really, really cheap. He said he could come up with something. I frequent this store, and shoot at their range all the time. I have no doubt that he will do good on his word.

I will be replacing the barrel soon to a 16".

Today I also got a nylon bag and 3 mags for the AR project.

It is coming along... It is going to be a mutt, but it will be a nice mutt. Colt upper and CMMG lower, RRA trigger, classic A2 stock, gotta think about the grip.
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Great score on your upper!!!
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