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I have been on the fence about getting a comp as the guys in 3 gun with them blow out everyone's ear drums.

I thought they were abnoxious until I fired someone's AR with one and it was like night and day.

I have seen a few posts about this in our other discussion areas but wanted to start one here.

It looks like the Yellow Tavern Custom TTi Eliminator got the best ratings in a recent article.

I would like to think that my AR is also a HD weapon but in reality my pistols would be my go to weapon.

I know some people go for the Tactical/Competition muzzle brakes if they only have one AR which is my case.

If I had two it would be a no brainer to stick a comp on one but since this is my only weapon I am alittle hesitant to stick one on my range, HD, and 3 Gun AR.

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Well there are a ton of options here.. from what Ichy linked to all the way out to local custom devices. As you've noticed and as Ichy noted as well, they are loud and you also have additional and focused concussion. I shoot a great deal with a buddy who has a Smith Vortex on his carbine and while I personally don't see a huge difference in the recoil or muzzle rise reduction, but the damn thing doesn't show much flash at all, even at dusk, he does how ever say that it's got good recoil reduction as well. I've learned to be 15-20 meters away from him if he's on the line at the same time I am.

So when I went looking for a solution to the A2 birdcage for my own weapons I wanted both a muzzle break and flash hider. While it might not be the uber duber device for either of those specific points, it does handle both fairly well. It's a compromise device.. I use the Phantom 5C1 from YMH .. the price was right for me so I bought two and have them on my two carbines. I've given thought to going with a dedicated break on my 20" AR, but after doing some run and dive in the dirt LR shots with it, I realized that the debris blast from the muzzle on the A2 BC was annoying as hell and could just see where something like the Vortex would both multiply that effect and add additional locater tell-tails.

If this is going to be a dedicated gun game weapon, then yeah, a break can be advantageous, for me there isn't enough typical rise or recoil in the AR 5.56 platform for that to be a serious requirement... for you.. dunno.. you'll have to decide, but I'd suggest that you do your research and really figure out what you are hoping to get out of the device. You can spend a lot of cash on something like this if you really want to.

YMH Phantom series:

Smith Enterprises:

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3 gun and field gun, i say go for it. HD gun.... well, it's questionable.

Are you going to be working in teams? If so, the compensator might not be the best thing for you. The back blast of the gas into the face of the person you're working with might take them out of the fight, even for a second. That second might be the difference between life and death for you or them.


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I have a YHM on my MP5. I don't think it does all that well (at least in this platform) for reducing the muzzle flash, but I haven't noticed a change in sound when fired either way. Perhaps I'm already too deaf. :confused:

On the other hand, I do have a JP Compensator on my long barreled AR15 and though it works GREAT, it is obnoxiously loud. It's probably also not for a situation where stealth is concerned either as it directs most of the gasses to each side of the gun barrel and blind people could probably find you because of the dust and nearby tree limbs shaking resulting from the way the gasses are directed.

But if the above doesn't apply to you, then by all means, it's probably the best brake I've used bar none.

Edit to add link:

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My buddy put one of those "AK" brakes from Bushmaster on his 16" and you want to talk about LOUD! I told him I wouldn't shoot with him anymore as long as he had the damned thing on his gun. About a week later the thing shot off of his gun (thank God!). It was a boogered up install, a comp. pinned on a ban gun. I told him to thread the thing. He hasn't put anything back on it yet, so we're good to go. I can shoot may 20"er without HP and it doesn't bother me much, of course I dont' do that very often. As far as recoil goes, I don't see any need for a comp., it's a Poodle gun, you don't need a comp.! Anyway, Happy shooting!

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The newest issue of Front Site Magazine has an article about the different comps available on the market. Among some of the comps were the JP, TTI, and the Miculek brake. They rated the TTI as the best but the Miculek brake was the best for the money.

As far as Being loud...

The 223 ain't loud...

300 winmag with a brake...

That is loud!!
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