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Smith&Wesson M&P15 T with:

16in M4 Barrel
-Troy Midlength rail system
-Troy front and rear flip sites
-I added the EOTech

This thing has met my expectations and can eat brass 5.56 and steel cased Wolf or Barnaul with no problem.

I was shooting sub MOA @ 50yrds with the EOTech.

Just ordered a Gear Sector GS-2P sling and Daniel Defense QD rail mount. Unfortunately those models don't come with a sling and forward mount.:confused:

I got a smokin deal plus a $100 manufacturer rebate so I'm happy....:mrgreen:

With my M4 Bushy...:mrgreen:


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Should be real eazy to house train. I bet she will never wet on the floor. But if she does and you want to GIVE HER AWAY i'll take her.

SWEET little puppy.

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I'm looking at either building or buying a Bushmaster M4 or S&W. How does your bushmaster and S&W compare, quality wise?

Your S&W is exactly the look I want! Nice looking AR!


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nice rifle! :p

i've been eye-balling one for some time, just gotta find a nearby dealer w/ one in-stock & get some time off work.
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