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So the 3-gun bug has bit me and I am looking to get an AR in the next month or so. No serious rush but probably buy it in mid to late September. AR are pretty new to me, in fact I have fire one on only three occasions. So what do you guys suggest for a 3-gun configuration for an AR-15.

From my initial research here's what I am thinking.

I would like to keep it under $1000

Standard Stock
20 inch standard barrel contour (possibly stainless)
A4 flat top receiver
Weaver gas block
Aluminum tube free floated handguard
Decent trigger (possibly have trigger job done)

Any advice or recommendation would be greatly appreciated.


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I'm no expert, having only built my first 16" barrel AR a month ago.

but on the trigger, I doubt you'll need a professional trigger job, but you'll probably want a 2stage or match grade trigger, vs the 'stock' trigger.
I have heard really good things about RRA's 2-stage. at most you might polish it prior to installation, but it'll also break itself in like any trigger.

and I do agree with the fixed A4 stock vs a collapsible m4 stock, unless you plan to get a SOCOM or something...but those kinds of treats will push you way over $1,000 (since that stock is like $300 by itself!)

also, try soem people say those members are 'rude', but I've had nothing but good experiences posting there as a total, utter AR noob. And i'm not super experienced in guns anyways, so its not like I have a ton of experience to start with. yet I built my own AR :)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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