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M16A2 or SA, Inc. M1A ? Which would you pick?

Discussion in 'AR Talk' started by delloro, May 4, 2005.

  1. delloro

    delloro Guest

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    M16A2 or SA, Inc. M1A? Which would you pick?

    you are going to be deployed.

    you do not know where.

    ammo availability is not an issue and standard armory support is available.

    no you may not replace the cast parts on the M1A with USGI parts. ALL M14/M1A parts are now SA, Inc.

    which do you pick?
  2. AlphaGhost

    AlphaGhost Guest

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    definitly the chrome-lined m1a

    range and power
  3. deltaheavy

    deltaheavy Guest

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    Sharp stick...?

    Actually another vote for M16. Cast parts on my M1A have been way too unreliable. I think I'm about ready for a new op rod after only ~1500 rounds, as I'm seeing peening inside the bolt roller notch. Still waiting for my ARs to fail...
  4. ChairborneRanger

    ChairborneRanger Guest

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    Present day M1A's are just not the same as those originally made---and which were mostly made with USGI surplus parts-----now, it's all of the investment cast 'stuff'.

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