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I'm considering getting a free float tube for my M4 and have a few questions for anybody that has one installed. First, did it help tighten your groups? Do you have any pics you might be able to post?

Here's what I'm looking at. I'm not a big fan of accessories so I'm looking a simple tube.


Model 1

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free float tubes :rolleyes:

free float tubes can give better accuracy per se..
but remember its also soo easy to think our 16" m4's are sniper rifles.

i see free floats as finishing touches of accuracy.
take a look at your trigger.. that crummie wolf you shoot. (hey its whats i shoot too ;) ) improve your technique.

to be honest most modern day rifles are usually more accurate than the shooter is capable.

if you were leaning towards a midwest handguard.. i would def say save some money... get a non free float and put the money saved into a better trigger and good ammo if your looking for accuracy..

if u practice alot.. match trigger and barrel.. and u know there more accuracy left in your rifle.. i def so go free float.

my .02

edit... free floats obviously have their big advantages if you are going to be mounting optics on it... then its a no brainer to go free float.. but u showed a non railed one so i figure your not going that route

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It's a 16" barrel, the trigger is done. I reload most of my .223 and have been working up a good, accurate load to shoot out of it. No I'm not trying to shoot sub MOA groups with wolf but I do shoot wolf sometimes. It's a flat top so the scope is going on the flat top not the tube. I'm pretty sure the gun shoots better than I do on most days. No I don't want to turn it into a sniper rifle. I'm no Mall Ninja, sniper wanabe either.

I'm not into the tacticool, flashlight, laser, etc... accessories either that's why I don't want rails.

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if you do get it..
post here and let me know what accuracy you get.
HG's are just soo over priced for what they are.

tacti cool.. lights? i think you only start getting into tacticool when you're adding things without a good reason for them.

lights on an ar, that is your grab and go weapon.. i think its a must.
ill have a petagon led on mine once i can afford the freaking HG.

you wont be worrying about accuracy when everything is falling apart around you and you end up stealing some 5.56 from a military cache in a midnight raid :)

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Yea I've got a friend who has installed several he said he'd help if I ran into any problems. I was thinking of replacing the fsb pins with screws anyway.

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I installed the DPMS HG you pictured on my M-4. It was pretty simple, the worst part was breaking the stock barrel nut loose. I can't really tell any differance in accuracy but I dont shoot for groups, I use it for 3-gun.

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Go to or upload the pics then use the
icon to put a link into the box from the "direct link" from either of the websites.
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