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First let me say I did a search and did see some threads that touched on this but didn't answer these directly.

I'm looking to add an inexpensive scope to my AR-15 (a previous thread helped me out on choices for that). My main use would be varmit removal such as groundhogs, racoons, etc. and target. Later on I may add a higher dollar scope but not at this time.

I have the removeable handle on my AR-15, but I would like to mount a scope on the handle instead of removing it. Is it possible to mount a scope on the handle and still be able to use the iron sights? or would I be better off just taking the handle off and adding the scope? If I went this route, would I need to add a riser or something because of the front sight?

Any other suggestions are welcomed as well.

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Yes you can mount a scope to your handle and still use your iron sights. You can buy a mount (their are other manufacturers of this mount) to put on regular scopes or red dots but you'll need lower rings unless you want your scope at higher elevation. The mount adapter has see thru lower so you can still use iron sights.
I use the Leapers 4X20 w/ Bullet Drop Compensator, its a Colt copy. BDC is from 100 to 500, just adjust knob above to range needed. Some people don't like this scope because its from Leapers, but it works well for me. First one I bought I learned the screws weren't set in tight enough and were lost. I recommend use lock tight on them before zeroing it. Second one hasn't failed me yet and is still on my Oly 16" CAR.
Theirs also the Leapers 3-9X28 w/ Bullet Drop compenstor 100-500. Looks like the above but just a bit longer. You can mount this one on handle w/ see thru or flat top, but can't use irons with flat top version.
Just noticed this one Leapers 4X20 Combat Style Red/Green Illumination w/ BDC. I'm not familer with this one.
Its kind of a win-lose when looking at flexibility. If you use a scope, then you can't use Back Up Iron Sights (BUIS), you'll have to remove the scope. If you use red dot or tactical scopes, you may not have magnification, but you can use BUIS. If you get red dot and magnification you may not be able to use BUIS.
Their are exceptions, depending on the combinations you use. Like if you get a Eotech and 3X behind it, you can get a flip stand on 3X to move it out of way and use flip up BUIS.
Hope you don' mind the ranting, thought I'd try covering more for future too.
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