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Can anyone recommend a good bipod for this rifle? I purchased it today and can't wait till it arrives at my ffl.
I found it on another site for around $400.00 cheaper and went for it. Now I just hope it was a good choice for what I want to do.
The main uses are target/plinking/varmits so I'm sure it will be fine.

Any tips or other info would be great!

TIA Matt

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Harris it is then.

I just picked up 1000 rds and a scope at a local range. I'll be going back tom. for the bipod.

My local range is officially going out of business and will close their doors soon so they have a huge sale going now. 10% over cost on everything in the store excluding guns. I picked up a 450.00 scope for 300.00 that will fit nicely on the Bushmaster.

It's sad that another range is closing here. I guess they won't be able to keep up with the Cabelas and Bass pro that are moving in. I was told that the Gander Mountain here also made a dent in their business. I just hope one of the new places has a indoor range.


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