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Hey guys need help on identifying this scope. This came to me from the BIL who got it from a friend who etc... It says its a Colt 4x21 Illuminated reticle. Now here is where I need help. I've read that the date determines the maker of the scope. Is this true, and how can I determine the date of manufacture? Is there something I should be looking for? How decent are these? Is it worth hanging onto or should I off it to a collector that would want it more than me. If I off'd it what would be a good price? Any info would be great. Thanks


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Don't get your hopes up. I doubt there is any "collectability" in a Japaneese "Colt" scope. Only thing Colt about that is the resemblelance to the old 4x or 3x carry handle scopes.

Here is an example of what you have.

Here are more pics of the Hakko reticle for the above scope

I'd say your scope is not the above

It looks more like this one, but remember this is on an auction site and you never know what you're getting ;) Pics look to be of the same as you pictures.

I've sent the guy a message about the scope in the auction.
We'll see what he says, asked about who made that scope.

I'm still looking...............;read=68554

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Thanks mvician, that makes sense. I didn't think that Colt made scopes. Was hoping it was actually something nice. I found some info on them however I thought I'd post it here to get the real scoop on them.:)

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Well I got an answer from the guy on auctionarms with the same scope as yours.

here is his reply

Sorry Mike, I don't really have any more info on it. I have owned 4 Colt Scopes over the years, all 3 X , but never befor in the Illumintaed version, or 4X. Didn't even know they made one, then I met this person that was a REAL Colt Buff and he had it so I bought it and was going to put it on my Colt , but evetually ended up selling rifle and never did. Still held onto scope with thought I would use it one day , and probably will not now , so......Someone said they were made in Japan, which is much higher quality than China, but I can't swear to that.

All of the others I have had were great scopes , easy to use and take on and off. I know you'd be happy with it.
Again, sorry I don't have more info..

Happy Holidays,

I know the other Colt scopes were made in Japan but other than this the others are not iluminated, so this must be current manufacture.

Let us know how it works :D

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