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I acquired an AR-10 build in a trade that has a Midwest Industries 15" M-Lok handguard. In handling the rifle before I shot it I noticed that the handguard can twist a few degrees. That ain't supposed to happen. I'm an older fellow and have been around guns most all my life, but I'm "new" to the AR platform.

I went to the Midwest Industries website and apparently this model is no longer carried, it is no where in their catalog. I have been trying to contact them and find out if they could provide me with the torque settings on the 8 Torx cap screws that fasten the handguard to ..?.... whatever. I've tried 2 emails and one phone call to answering device. They've not returned anything.

There are 4 pairs of 2 torx caps screws fastening the handguard. They are located at approx. the 1:30, 4:30, 7:30 and 11:30 positions. What these screws apply pressure on is a mystery to me as I have not removed the handguard.

Anybody know anything at all about this handguard?

I got a feeling that the fastening arrangement is one of the reasons its no longer offered for sale.

I'd appreciate any feedback on this - I'm probably going to replace the handguard with another with the typical 2 bolts and a key/spacer.

The rifle is going to be used for deer hunting and plinking at 200-300 yds. Any suggestions on a replacement handguard, the gun has a medium heavy barrel? And, bipod suggestions?

I have a Leopold scope but, but it doesn't look right on such an angular frame. Scope suggestions? Looking for a 2 to 12 variable power, SFP, but I would consider a FFP even though I have never used one, MOA illuminated reticle. Price? I start topping out at $300 or so USD.

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