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New AR build w/ pics

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Howdy everyone. I took the first step tonight in building my first AR. I got the lower with M4 stock. It is a spike's tactical lower, M4 stock, and A2 grip. Finish on this lower looks great. In a month or so I will be getting a stag 2H upper to complete the main part of the build. After that, I'll figure out which tacticool accessories to add. I also got 2 loaded Magpul PMags to go with it. On to the pics.

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nothing like the feeling of building a rifle. what kind of optics are you going to run?
I have no idea. That is the one area where I just can't decide. I can tell you that unless I find a great deal, I won't be going with an Eotech or Aimpoint to start off with. After the rifle, I can't really justify spending that much on optics for mainly a recreational gun. I am leaning toward red dot though. Any suggestions?
Suggestions ????

Best one...learn to shoot the irons while saving up for the EoTech or Aimpoint ;) Don't waste $ on "clone" aimpoints, eotechs, ect. Some good deals on used Aimpoints and Eo's can be had on the Equipment Exchange on


edit to add: I have a N battery EoTech on one of my carbines and an Aimpoint on another.
Another carbine has the SPOT MkIII red dot on it. The SPOT would be as "cheap" as I'd go.

pic looks good so far but I could do without the laser engraving
good advice on the saving for somthing worthy.

I've got eotech on the beowolf and benelli m4, they are my personal favorite, however I've got aimpoint on my wilson ar.

sampson flip up sights are a good way to go after you tackle price of red dot.
Congrats on a very high quality lower... Spikes is a semi-hidden gem in the market.

As for the optic... well if you can't afford it right off, then yeah save up. Buy once cry once! There are some options that are out there but they aren't far enough off of a used EOT 552 or AP ML3 that it's worth it in my mind... but I am very biased about both AP and EOT. Mind you I think the suggestion that you learn to use your iron sights first is dead on. Optics on an AR are an excellent addition but by no means required if they are unmagnified. The Millet DMS1 is another great option in the entry level optics market.. 1-4x lit reticle.. good solid buy.

Enjoy the beginnings of the addiction bro..
I was planning on just shooting awhile with iron sights to learn the rifle before deciding on the optics. I figure that will give me plenty of time to figure the irons out so I can use them as a cowitness. Thanks for all the advice.
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