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Got my new handguard stuff in today (well, yesterday). VLTOR CASV-E system. Took the time to install it when I got off of work tonight (well, this morning). I wish I had waited to install it on the 10.3" upper I planned on for this. But I am still waiting for the tax stamp to be approved. So for now its on my 16" upper, and its on solid. A great piece in my opinion. downside is, no co-witness of the EOTech with the iron sites, but I like the cleaner, no irons site picture I have thru my EOTech. But I just ordered thre GG&G Accucam so if I need to go "old school" and shoot irons (had to call it that, sorry!), I will be able to just flip the accucam and go. But, I have to say, my rifle is looking pretty nice with the VLTOR handguards and clubfoot stock. I will wait till I have the shorty upper on it and its all together before I post pics.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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