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Hello everyone,

I have recently purchased the parts to build my own AR15. It was a painful process obtaining all of the necessary components being a first-time builder. Now that my build has been completed (not yet fired), I am much more aware of all of the necessary parts required to purchase and build my next custom rifle. I was amazed at the ease of building a rifle and enjoyed it very much.

For a little background, I have lived in Texas on the gulf coast my entire life. I've grown up around guns and have loved them my whole life. I purchased my first starter AR15 a few years ago, a Ruger AR-556. After a couple thousand rounds, I decided to part with the rifle as I had won a Bushmaster ACR in a raffle. Here 2 years after winning the ACR, I decided to sell it to fund my current build and although I miss the ACR, I couldn't have asked for a more serviceable and beautiful gun. I've added 2 pics of the new gun as well as a pic of my ACR as it was set up. Here's to hoping it shoots as well as it looks!


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