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Sorry for the crappy cell camera pic

Lauer Custom Weaponry LMT lower with LCW LPK
BCM M4 Stock kit with Heavy buffer
LMT M4 upper with 16" barrel, A2 hider
PRI Military Latch
BCM M16 BCG with reliability kit
Knights Armament Rail system, covers, and VFG
Matech BUIS
Magpul PMags
Surefire M961XM Light

Special Thanks go to Grant at G&R Tactical, Bravo Company, Lewis Machine and Tool Co., Magpul Ind for helping me assemble a very fine AR.

I took it out and put 100 rnds each of PRVI M193 and LC XM193 through it, flawlessly of course. I promise better pictures after I clean it and borrow the wifes digital camera :)

aka Deadcenter
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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