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Ok, gonna build my first AR. Now, i've read and read and I just wanna make sure i'm right here.

If I get this....

and a stripped lower, I'll have pretty much everything I need.

and would this lower be good?

Oh, and just so you know, a friend of mine that was a marine corps sniper will be helping me assemble it, but he is out of town right now so I was gonna go ahead and order this kit if this is decent.


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Yep! Buy those two and you're good to go with a working rifle. However, you'll need a BUIS (Back Up Iron Sight) on the rear to do it right. I looked the kit over real quick and didn't see it as an option, but may have missed it. Either way, even if you're putting an optic on it, you should really have a BUIS up there. ;)

Your choice is good to go with that set-up, however, I just thought I'd throw this option out. Check out and look at their Stag rifle kit for $633. It's a little more money, BUT look at it this way... the Stag kit comes with a chrome lined barrel, and with a flip up BUIS, and also includes a 30 rd magazine. All of those features are extra on the Del-Ton kit, and that would bump the price up to, if not a little more than that Stag kit. This way you get it all in one package, instead of searching for more parts.

BUT if you're trying to keep costs down and want the rifle NOW, the Del-Ton kit and that lower will make your day. :D

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you are correct on the stripped lower. With a flatop you wont have the carry handle or any rear sights. You can either buy the carry handle, a flip up rear sight, or just jump right into optics. I would recommend the RRA lower parts with 2 stage trigger and better grips (plain jane grips leave much to be desired)

I ordered from delton also, but my rifle kit is still being built. My stripped lower and carry handle at home are getting lonely.

Life, Liberty, Etc. has some video walkthroughs how to assemble the lower receiver and connect it to the rifle kit, check it out its very helpful and youll be surprised how easy it is to construct. They also have a field stripping guide

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[FONT=&quot]16" M4 Rifle Kit
[M4 Rifle Kit -Barrel:DTI 16" M4 Chrome Lined 1x9]
[M4 Rifle Kit -Handguards:CAR Handguard with Heat Shields-Black]
[Rifle Kit -BC:Standard Bolt & Carrier]
[Rifle Kit -Buttstock:M4 Buttstock - Black]
[Rifle Kit -Carrying Handle:None]
[Rifle Kit -Flash Hiders:A2 Flash Hider]
[Rifle Kit -Gas Blocks:Standard A2 Front Sight]
[Rifle Kit -Grips:A2 Grip - Black]
[Rifle Kit -Lower Parts:Standard Lower Parts]
[Rifle Kit -T Handle:Standard Charging Handle]
[Rifle Kit -Uppers:Flat Top Upper with M4 Feed Ramps]

those are the options I have with the kit. Just ordered it. Can't wait. Now I just have to get the lower.

How long does it normally take the kit to come?
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